Are a thousands screams
better than silence?
What of fascist regimes
versus an empty canvas?

Is all creation beautiful
be it man-made or natural?
Should we take pride in our progress
regardless of all duress?

Does art still inspire
when painted shades of red?
Do we still aspire
thanks to the sound of children's dread?

Does one child's laughter
negate another's hunger?
Does the lion's vigor
dull the poacher's trigger?

If the answer is unpleasant;
Our legacy: degrees of torment.
If the answer doesn't matter
for life was born; peace torn asunder.

Then maybe it is treason
to not feel hope and reason
that progress is miraculous
and harmony will come through vigilance.

Maybe 'tis no sin
to be moved by a violin,
enjoy friends and family
and be touched by Kenndy's beauty.

Maybe our simplest poetry
to our greatest symphony
stands as testament
to this experiment.

This opinion
is easy to share in.
A great burden
our sins at Dresden
A man can lose his sanity
acknowledging his fathered calamity.

But this is not our reality
There's no excuse for poverty.
Suffering is born from indifference,
selfishness and willful ignorance.

We can't excuse a crime
repeated many times.
We call ourrselves wights.
Our victims without rights.

We cannot speak of beauty
while failing in our duty
to defend every life,
from agonizing strife.

Our failures are not minor.

The suffering we've caused.
The murders without pause.
What little we've achieved,
shadowed by misdeeds.

It leaves one without doubt
despite the frenzied shouts
that inorganic vapidness
is a cruelty of different greatness.

Yet our absolute indifference
for the grief rooted in our selfishness
leads to one conclusion:
we're nothing but pollution.

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