I murdered a boy last night
for his crime of being out of sight.
Was going to meet friends for supper
and wanted his last quarter.

His mother will die
unable to pay the bribes.
His nephew will eat
on the morality of men gone weak.

I killed a woman today,
the price of her night being my day.
I needed a new phone;
they treated her line a drone.

Her widow cannot see.
Wrong place. Wrong time. McCarthy.
Now who will help him live?
Fuck him, what does he have to give?

I'll starve a baby tomorrow.
I like looking like a marshmallow.
We'll stuf our faces with barbecue
while his mother feeds him residue.

The family is better off!
Can't these people control themselves?!
He might have had a future
had he be willing to kill another.

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